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Xiangjiaba wins prestigious international dam award



Xiangjiaba Gravity Dam has been honored with 3rd International Milestone Concrete Dam Projects Award by a prestigious international panel, the China National Committee on Large Dams said in a statement.
Jointly established by China National Committee on Large Dams, United States Society on Dams, Spanish Committee on Large Dams and the Brazilian Committee on Dams, the International Milestone Concrete Dam Projects Award composes of International Milestone Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Projects, International Milestone Rockfill Projects and International Milestone Concrete Dam Projects. Various types of international milestone dams are selected every three to four years to exemplify the diverse experience and achievement of modern engineering technology, serving as references for the industry.
Xiangjiaba Gravity Dam is an unprecedented 162 meter-high gravity dam founded on 60 meter-thick soft fractured rocks. It is the largest of its kind in the world in terms of maximum discharge power of flood release and the largest in China in terms of maximum unit width discharge power.