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Our Commitment


CTG continued success and global growth can only be maintained and guided by our Core Values of Dedication, Responsibility, Innovation, and Harmony. When we individually and collectively conduct ourselves honestly, fairly, responsibly, and with integrity in all of our relations internally and externally, we honor these values and focus on people and harmony.

CTG has adopted the Ethic and Compliance Principles applied widely among CTG entities. The Principles sets out the rules which executive directors must be familiar and comply with, and which they must ensure compliance with in their entities.

CTG commits to contributing towards sustainable development by means of environmental protection, economic growth, social progress, professional training of personnel. Today, in response to the growing importance that these aspects are assuming in the economic and industrial worlds, CTG believes it is necessary to promote a Sustainable Development Policy that can serve as a guide and reference for all staff and all sectors where the group operates, both now and in the future.

The implementation of these policies is subject to the CTG s monitoring and audit system, and these policies apply to all CTG group entities.

Lu Chun
Board Chairman
China Three Gorges Corporation
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